Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Steven Hayes a part of Komisarjevsky trial

Some of the testimony and questions during the trial Tuesday focused on the trip co-defendant Steven Hayes made to the gas station on the day of the Cheshire home invasion.

The testimony in the trial is significant because Joshua Komisarjevsky alleged to police that it was Hayes who poured the gasoline around the Petit home and lit the match.

The jury convicted Hayes Oct. 5, 2010 on 16 counts in the July 23, 2007 siege, including six capital felony counts. Hayes, however, was found not guilty on the charge of first-degree arson. He is on Death Row.

Hayes spent $10 on the gasoline.

According to testimony during the Komisarjevsky trial, Hayes paid for the gas inside the station.

Hayes was seen outside, caught on video, gassing up the Petit's Chrysler Pacifica, according to testimony.   The video does not show Hayes filling up the plastic containers that allegedly were used to pour the gas around the Petit house.
The manager of the Mercury Fuel Services convenience store testified that she did not recall Hayes.

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