Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Joshua Komisarjevsky and religion

As part of the evidence submitted in the penalty phase of the Joshua Komisarjesky case, defense attorneys have submitted numerous documents that form a trail leading to his religious upbringing. Bryce Whiting, who was pastor of a church in New Hampshire to which the Komisarjevsky family belonged in the mid-1990s, recalled going to the Komisarjevsky house when Joshua’s mother, Jude, called him late one night to report her son had seen something very disturbing. It was a “a dark spiritual being with glowing eyes,” the pastor said.

These are some of documents released during the trial.

d1214 10-28 3 of 3

d1217 10-28 1 of 2

d1224 10-28
d1218 10-28 1 of 2
d1219 10-28

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