Saturday, December 10, 2011

Komisarjevsky: What the jury decided in the murder of Michaela Petit

Here is the jury's decision to find no mitigating factors in the 2007 murder of Michaela Petit. The jury also found that the prosecution did prove aggravating factors in the slaying during the Cheshire home invasion.

sv 14_20111209175028


Komisarjevsky: No mitigating factors in the murder of Hayley Petit.

The jury's verdict on sentence in the murder of Hayley Petit

sv 11_20111209174858


Komisarjevsky: Jury's decision on the murder of Jennifer Hawke-Petit

sv 10_20111209174822

Komisarjevsky: Aggravating factors proven in murder of Michaela Petit

This is a copy of the jury's verdict in this count.

sv 5_20111209174733


Komisarjevsky: No mitigating factors in charge of 'murder of two or more persons'

This document reflects the jury's verdict in this charge.
sv 4_20111209174619


Sunday, December 4, 2011

As the end of the trial draws near, motions continue to pour in

Here are some of the more recent motions filed in the Joshua Komisarjevsky case. Stay with @nhrlive on Twitter as the jury deliberates this week on whether he will get the death penalty or life in prison.
Komisarjevsky_defs_req for Remedial Instr
Komisarjevsky_motion to Strike Aggr Factors

Komisarjevsky_defs_req for Remedial Instr