Thursday, September 29, 2011

A home destroyed by fire

Some of the testimony in the Joshua Komisarjevsky trial Thursday focused on what the state fire marshal found at the Petit house following the home invasion and furious fire that took place there on July 23, 2007.

Testimony Thursday focused on the outside of the home; on Friday the official is expected to speak to damage inside the home

These photos, released during the trial of co-defendant Steven Hayes, show what the home looked like after the fire was out.

The Petit home was later razed and a memorial garden was installed at the site.

This photo shows fire damage as well as a tie that may have been used to tie Jennifer Hawke-Petit to her bed while Komisarjevsky and Hayes were in the home that day.

This photo at left shows the bedroom of Hayley Petit, 17, who also was tied to he bed, but escaped and made it as far as the hallway. Hayley died of smoke inhalation.

This photo shows the extensive smoke damage that occurred in the house. The fire was fueled by gasoline that had been spread around the house, according to prosecutors. Komisarjevsky has claimed Hayes bought the gas and spread it around the house. He also claims Hayes lit the match that set the fire.

This bottom photo shows the fire damage at the back of the home.The state fire official testified that severe heat broke windows to the home's sun room, letting in oxygen that intensified the fire.

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