Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Norm Pattis Blog: The Cross-Examination of Dr. Petit

Local attorney Norm Pattis predicts on his blog that today during the Joshua Komisarjevsky trial, "one of the best cross-examiners in New England will face one of the most sympathetic witnesses imaginable," in Dr. William Petit Jr.
Pattis also posits that the cross-examiner, Jeremiah Donovan, will attempt to "humanize the defendant with what will be as sophisticated a psychological defense as any presented since Clarence Darrow's defense of Leopold and Loeb nearly a century ago."

The Pattis blog is part of the www.nhregister.com Community Media Lab.

In the photo: Dr. William Petit, Jr. walks towards Superior Court with his mother, Barbara Petit and his sister Johanna Chapman for the first day of the Joshua Komisarjevsky trial.  Photo by Peter Casolino


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